Why Alumalight?

Go green without going into the red

Whether you’re replacing old lights or installing lights on a new construction, Alumalight can help you go green without going into the red. Switch over and watch the savings – of both energy and your dollars – begin.

With reduced operating costs, payback, reduced relamping, rebates and sensors, the combined economic benefits of changing from existing metal halide fixtures to T5 and T8 fluorescent technology are very compelling.

  • While operating, T5 and T8 fixtures use far less wattage and amperage than metal halide fixtures, so energy costs are significantly reduced – by 45 to 60 percent.
  • Payback, predicated on operating hours and the cost of installation, typically ranges from one to four years.
  • Our fluorescent fixtures only have to be relamped once during a 20,000-25,000 hour operating cycle, whereas metal halide fixtures must be relamped two or three times during that cycle to maintain desired light levels.
  • There are grants and tax incentives available for companies who upgrade to an energy-efficient lighting system. Please visit www.dsireusa.org to learn more.
  • Sensors ensure that light is used only when it is needed, and they can significantly cut energy use and costs.
  • Our line of LED lights is simple and quick to install. Using the latest technology, our boards hold the best LED chips available, offering enhanced light with less heat and a longer lifespan.
Your Light

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