Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get more light while using less electricity?

Yes, because new technology is far more efficient than before. Our fixtures generate more light per watt than the old technology, which loses a significant amount of energy as heat.

Is substituting an Alumalight for a metal halide fixture a one-for-one replacement?

In general, yes. We can do a photometric study of your building to optimize light placement.

What is the relative cost of upgrading to Alumalight?

The cost is competitive with other lighting installations, though our fixtures and lamps are superior and use less electricity.

I know Alumalight is better than old metal halides, but how does it compare with the newer metal halides on the market?

Some improvements have been made to metal halides, but they still degrade much faster and to a greater extent than our T5s or T8s, and they generate more heat. Metal halides are simply old technology.

What other opportunities are there for us to become more energy efficient?

Motion and occupancy sensors will contribute substantially to savings by reducing burn time.

How will I save money with Alumalight?

There are three main elements to saving money by switching to Alumalight. First, T5 and T8 lamps use less energy, yet they produce whiter, brighter light than high intensity discharge (HID) or old T12 fluorescent technology. Second, you can add occupancy and daylight sensors and timers; this will help reduce burn time, making sure you only use energy when needed. Third, this newer technology lasts longer and requires less frequent replacement, cutting maintenance costs.

How does a retrofit kit work?

Without taking the fixture off its mount, in-house technicians simply replace T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts with a reflector, electronic ballast, and T5 or T8 lamps. This retrofit is quick and easy, and can cut energy use and costs up to 60 percent.

Can I retrofit my Alumalight high bay fixtures to LED?

Absolutely! Both our Alumalight full body and Alumabeam models are universal. They are designed to accommodate T5 and T8 lights, and our new LED panels.